Twitter: Donald Trump's Twitter Account Will Remain Closed Even If He Becomes President Again

Twitter: Donald Trump's Twitter Account Will Remain Closed Even If He Becomes President Again


Twitter executive Ned Segal made the comments about Donald Trump's banned account. Segal said his account would not be reopened even if Donald Trump became president again.

Donald Trump, the former President of the United States, was etched in our memory by what he did during election periods. Trump, who said he did not accept the election results with his statements, immediately after a rally he organized, led to a public uprising and an attack on the House of Congress. The fear that things might escalate with Trump's statements mobilized the social media giants, and Trump, who was president at the time, had his accounts shut down.

Twitter was at the beginning of the companies that shut down Donald Trump's account. The Platform first temporarily banned the account of the US president in those days, and then permanently banned it. Twitter executive Ned Segal said that would not change from now on.

The ban won't be lifted even if Donald Trump is the nominee again and wins the election

Any turnaround for Donald Trump's account, according to statements by Segal, is out of the question. Even if Trump is a candidate in the next election and wins the election, the decision will not change, Segal said, adding that Twitter policies are clear and the same for everyone.

Twitter, which has permanently banned former US President Donald Trump, is also one of the controversial platforms in Turkey. Twitter, which recently entered our lives and is required to appoint representatives to our country under the law known as the "Social Media Law," insists on not implementing this decision. The platform, which has been repeatedly prosecuted before, seems to be coming out of Turkey if it continues its stubbornness. Twitter has also recently imposed restrictions on a share that Suleiman Soylu did, which remains one of the topics discussed in our country.

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