What Is A Humanoid Robot? Popular Humanoid Robots

What Is A Humanoid Robot? Popular Humanoid Robots


The Sunday value of the growing humanoid robot sector is expected to be $ 3.9 billion in 2023. The biggest reason for this rapid growth is the developed capabilities of humanoid robots and the ever-expanding range of applications. So, what exactly is a humanoid robot?

What Is A Humanoid Robot?

Humanoid robot are professional service robots designed to mimic human movement and interaction. Like other service robots, humanoid robots are automated to provide productivity.

Currently, humanoid robots are used in various production facilities for tasks that are dangerous for humans to perform. Similarly, humanoid robots are used in space missions, providing care to the elderly and patients, interacting with customers, etc. he also performs tasks. With recent advances in technology, these robots are being successfully incorporated into human environments.

Popular Humanoid Robots

The humanoid robot industry has experienced a big jump with the interest it has seen in recent years. In the process, a number of humanoid robots have come up, which are well designed and able to perform their tasks properly. Here are some popular humanoid robots of recent eras:


Dubbed the world's most dynamic humanoid robot, Atlas was introduced in 2013. The manufacturers of the robot, designed for search and Rescue, are Boston Dynamics. Equipped with range detection, stereo vision and many sensors, Atlas ' more advanced models were presented to robotics enthusiasts and the world in the following years.


A soft-touch machine, the Robear was produced as a solution to the shortage of carers in Japan. Made entirely of rubber, this robot works with three different types of sensors. Robear has soft movements that allow it to perform power-related tasks such as lifting and moving patients without disturbing them.


Pepper is a robot that can read primary human emotions, such as anger, joy, or sadness, and acts accordingly. The robot, which communicates in a natural and intuitive way, was manufactured by SoftBank Robotics. Its purpose is to provide a friendly service to the user.

His success in communicating caused him to receive a lot of attention from banks and stores. This robot, which can remember customers ' faces and preferences, has the intelligence to choose on its behalf the next time it interacts with the same customer!


You've probably heard of Sophia, the humanoid robot. Developed by Hanson Robotics, Sophia was made available to the public for the first time in 2016. He has retained his place in the world's media ever since. Sophia, who has citizenship from Saudi Arabia, made a big noise when she said she would destroy the human race as a result of an alleged technical glitch.

The Future Of Humanoid Robots

The improved performance of robots and the decline in their costs document a huge increase in their numbers over the next 10 years. Even according to statistics, robots will perform 25% of all labor tasks by 2025. While humanoid robots are one of the smallest groups of service robots in the current market, they have great potential to be the industrial vehicle of the future.

Since 2014 at the University of Southern California, humanoid robots have been paired with patients and used in treatment. Robots that help children with autism socially also benefit paralyzed patients. Companies like SoftBank Robotics also produce human-looking robots for use in medical tasks.

However, companies are now also turning to humanoid robots for engineering tasks. Humanoid robots, especially used in dangerous technical tasks, minimize work accidents.

Finally, Hanson Robotics, which produces Sophia, announced plans to produce thousands of humanoid robots by 2021. David Hanson, chief executive, said: โ€˜the Covid-19 World will need more automation to keep people safe."during the epidemic period, the demand for robots designed to help humans has increased," he said. Hanson also stated that they plan to market the thousands of humanoid robots they plan to produce as assistant assistants in the field of Health

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