Michigan State To Build Road For Autonomous Vehicles

Michigan State To Build Road For Autonomous Vehicles


The state of Michigan is taking steps toward building a dedicated lane for autonomous vehicles. The length of the planned road is expected to be 65 kilometers. The state of Michigan will make its path for autonomous vehicles between Detroit and Ann Arbor.

Michigan wants to build the autonomous road of the future. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and other state officials announced the project Thursday afternoon near the former train station that Ford is renovating to accommodate its autonomous vehicle works in downtown Detroit. Ford is among nine autonomous vehicle and car companies on the project's advisory board. The road will connect the University of Michigan with Detroit Metropolitan Airport and downtown.

The project will be led by a company called Cavnue, which will start work by running autonomous vehicles with backup drivers to collect data.

In the first phase of the project, Cavnue will test potential technologies and road designs. The firm will work with companies such as Ford, GM, BMW, Toyota and other Alphabet subsidiary Waymo to develop standards for use on autonomous roads. The work, which will begin as a highway for autonomous buses, could also be rolled out for freight and personal vehicles later.

Jonathan Winer, co-CEO of Cavnue, said the self-driving buses at first would use lanes similar to the dedicated rapid transit lanes in other cities.

The vehicles will be connected to a central computer system and will share sensor data from other vehicles along the way, coordinating the vehicles ' speeds and allowing them to travel faster than normal traffic.

Other countries are taking similar steps

Other countries are taking similar steps. 6 Chinese cities, including Beijing, have announced designated roads for testing driverless vehicles. About 332 kilometres of road were officially allocated for testing in December in Beijing. There are similar initiatives in the US, but the Michigan project will be a first.

“There is no place in the world more important to the past, present and future of Transportation than Detroit and Michigan, " said Ford Chairman Bill Ford. Today's announcement is proof that we do not intend to transfer this future to anyone else." said.

At the same time, they work in contrast to another school of thought in the industry. The systems being tested are getting better and will soon be able to go on the roads with cars driven by people. Many companies are not yet confident that their systems can operate under a wide range of unforeseen circumstances. The Michigan project can avoid these problems.

Winer also noted that vehicles and autonomous driving systems used by all companies can use the lanes, provided they meet the standards. The lanes will be managed by the Michigan Department of Transportation. If the project is successful, there may be a great movement in the autonomous vehicle market.

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