It is the most economical and most effective step to reduce environmental pollution and carbon emissions.


SolarWall® is a renewable energy technology used in air conditioning and process applications. SolarWall® products, which transfer the energy from the sun to the environment or process using fresh air, provide ambient heating, cooling, process heat and use hot water. SolarWall ® systems reduce the amount of energy consumed in conventional air conditioning and process systems by up to 95% and prevent greenhouse gas emissions in areas where solar energy is converted to heat with very high efficiency. SolarWall® technology, which is maintenance-free and has a life span of more than 40 years, is a technology that offers the shortest repayment times in renewable energy use. 

Hybrid Solar Tower

Solar power generation is a competitive area where innovation and development activities are heavily underway. Efforts to increase productivity and reduce costs in this area have gained momentum in recent years. The main problems encountered in solar electricity generation and development-to be solved are::

- Inefficiency,

- High amount of land use

- Use of uniform technology

- Low energy production

- High cost and long refund

Trakya University faculty, which was established by our company on the campus of the world's first solar tower project, which is the successor of the air leakages, the higher and lower efficiency compared to the classical system and the development and implementation of a system that is targeted. The outputs to be obtained by the project are:: 

1. The first study in the world on the applicability and commercialization of a hybrid solar tower system.

2. Cooling of photovoltaic panels in solar chimney by air leakage method and providing efficiency increase

3. Generating electricity from turbine and photovoltaic systems simultaneously by transferring photovoltaic waste heat to the solar tower

4. Development and implementation of a high-efficiency new technology for solar electricity generation in the field of renewable energy